Enhanced Ship Management with NOZZLE's Advanced Procurement Module


Unlock a new horizon of maritime operation efficiency with the NOZZLE cloud-based solution, tailored for the intricacies of ship management. Our Procurement module is at the forefront, providing a robust platform that optimizes your supply chain and inventory needs across the globe.


Simplified Requisition Handling

Easily navigate through the requisition process with our user-centric interface. It allows for quick creation and updating of requisition order, detailing everything from required safety equipment to deck supplies, all with clear prioritization and status updates.


Detailed Inventory Management

The 'Requested Items' tab ensures that you can keep track of your requisitions in real-time, with detailed descriptions, quantities, and specifications for every item ordered. Our system provides transparency in inventory levels, helping you avoid both shortages and excesses.


Transparent and Accurate Valuation

Stay on top of your financials with the 'Valuation' tab, where every transaction is recorded with precision, giving you a clear view of the costs associated with each item purchased.


Efficient Document Organization

With the ability to attach documents directly to each requisition, the 'Attachments' tab serves as a centralized file manager, simplifying document retrieval and enhancing organizational efficiency.


Real-Time Update Tracking

Monitor every action within the procurement process with the 'Status Change Log'. Each entry logs who made the update, what change was made, and when it was made, ensuring full traceability.


Set your sights on NOZZLE for a course toward efficient, transparent, and effective ship management. Chart your path and explore how our software is the beacon your fleet needs in the digital ocean.