Efficient Ship Management with NOZZLE's Advanced Procurement Module


Navigate the complexities of maritime operations with NOZZLE, your go-to cloud-based solution for smart and effective ship management. Our Procurement module is a powerful feature designed to elevate the way you manage supply and demand on the open seas.


Intuitive Request for Quotation (RFQ) Process

Initiate RFQs with a few clicks—define your requisition type, set priorities, and specify all the necessary details for items. The simplicity of the RFQ interface, demonstrates NOZZLE's commitment to user-friendly experiences.


Comprehensive Quotation Analysis

The 'Quotations' tab in the RFQ section allows you to evaluate supplier bids meticulously. With our software, you can compile, compare, and contrast quotations to ensure you get the best value for every item purchased.


In-Depth Summary Insights

Dive into the 'Summary' tab for an overarching view of the offer and quotation summaries along with budget details. This level of detail empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize your budget, and compare supplier options side by side.


Transparent Valuation for Accountability

The 'Valuation' tab shows a clear, auditable trail of purchased items and their prices, reinforcing accountability and financial oversight in your procurement processes.


Optimized Communication

Leave comments directly within the 'Comments' tab to facilitate clear communication among team members. This feature ensures that every decision and rationale is recorded and easily accessible.


Organized Document Management

Upload and manage all related documents in the 'Attachments' tab. This central document hub helps maintain an organized, paperless environment that’s both secure and easily navigable.


Real-Time Updates with Status Change Log

Track every change with the 'Status Change Log' tab, which details updates, who made them, and when—offering you a real-time log of all procurement activities.


Embrace the NOZZLE difference for your ship management needs and set a course for success. Discover how our software stands as a beacon of efficiency and reliability in the maritime industry.