Empower Your Decision-Making with NOZZLE’s Supplier Evaluation Feature


In the complex tapestry of ship management, selecting the right supplier is not just a decision—it's a strategic move. NOZZLE Ship Management Software's Supplier Evaluation within our Business Intelligence module equips you with the insights to make that move confidently.


Comprehensive Supplier Evaluation Metrics

Our Business Intelligence suite transforms raw data into actionable insights. With the Supplier Evaluation feature, key performance indicators such as Capacity of Supplier, Delivery Performance, and Total Spent Per Supplier offer a percentage-based, at-a-glance view of supplier operations. It's not just about who delivers – it's about who excels.


Detailed Analysis for Informed Decisions

Dive deep into the specifics with our meticulously organized evaluation fields: Year, Month, Vessel, Requisition Type, Supplier, and Client. These categories are complemented by essential metrics including Claims, Number of Orders, and Certification of Order, painting a complete picture of supplier reliability and performance.


Visual Data Representation

Our visual graphs, like the Number of Purchase Orders Per Supplier and Percentage of Requisition Type Per Supplier, not only illustrate data but tell a story of supplier engagement and efficiency. The Number of Claims Per Supplier section further adds to the narrative, highlighting areas of risk and opportunity.


Financial Insights

At the core of procurement intelligence is financial performance. Our Rate of Discount Per Supplier for Quotations section, with input fields for Company, Condition, Item, and percentage, offers a financial lens through which you can view the cost-effectiveness of your suppliers.


NOZZLE’s Supplier Evaluation is your gateway to smarter, data-driven supplier management in the maritime industry. Enhance your supplier relationships and cultivate a culture of excellence and reliability within your procurement chain.


Deeper dive into how NOZZLE's Supplier Evaluation can enhance your operational efficiency. Let NOZZLE steer your supplier management towards calmer seas and brighter horizons.