Harness the Power of NOZZLE’s Supplier Portal for Enhanced Procurement Efficiency


Introducing the Supplier Portal from NOZZLE Ship Management Software – a specialized gateway designed to empower vendors with seamless interaction and transaction capabilities within our platform.


User-Friendly Interface for Vendor Onboarding

Ease of access is a hallmark of the NOZZLE experience. With just a few clicks under the 'Users' tab, suppliers can swiftly navigate to 'New User' to create an account, streamlining the onboarding process and enabling immediate engagement with our platform.


Advanced Search and Quotation Management

The Supplier Portal's 'Quotations Items' feature offers advanced search functionality. Vendors can quickly locate items by keyword (Name & Code) or filter by the requisition type, ensuring that they can respond to inquiries with precision and speed.


Simplified Price Listing and Updates

Leverage the ability to download and upload Excel files according to the selected requisition type. This facility enables suppliers to efficiently transfer pricing information into the system, minimizing manual entry and enhancing data accuracy.


Customizable Quotation Conditions

Suppliers can add tailored conditions to their quotations for a customized business approach. The 'Quotation Conditions' tab includes an option to input 'New Quotation Conditions' such as Unit Price Discounts, ensuring all terms are transparent and easily managed.


Comprehensive Tracking and Documentation

Stay updated with the 'Status Activity' log and manage all necessary documents within the 'Attachment' tab. These features provide a comprehensive view of quotation statuses and ensure all related documentation is in order and up-to-date.


The NOZZLE Supplier Portal is more than a tool; it’s a bridge between maritime operations and their suppliers, fostering effective communication, accurate pricing, and a dynamic procurement process.


Explore the capabilities of NOZZLE’s Supplier Portal and how it can enhance your procurement operations. Embrace the future of maritime procurement with NOZZLE.