Maximize Maritime Excellence with NOZZLE’s ANTBIV2: Precision in Safety and Operational Management


At NOZZLE, we are proud to present the ANTBIV2 section within our Technic module, an integral part of NOZZLE's Ship Management Software. This feature is meticulously crafted to assist maritime professionals in maintaining an impeccable record of safety, quality, and efficiency on board their vessels.


Our ANTBIV2 (Any New Threats and Benefits Identified Version 2) search functionality is engineered with precision, allowing for comprehensive filtering across various parameters such as vessels, departments, and ANTBIV2 filters. The integration of Inspection & Audit Filters, PMS Filters, and External Request Filters further augments your ability to access and analyze data efficiently.


The addition of a new ANTBIV2 record is a testament to NOZZLE's dedication to thoroughness and detail. Mandatory fields including Vessel, Report Date, Rating, Origin, and Department ensure that all significant aspects of safety and operations are systematically documented and accessible.


Moreover, the Work Order assignment capability under the PMS tab signifies NOZZLE's understanding of the practical necessities of ship management. The inclusion of tabs for Corrective & Preventive Action, External Requests, SMS Revision Recommendations, Postponements, Comments, Attachments, and a Status Activity Log encapsulates NOZZLE's commitment to offering a holistic and user-centric approach.


NOZZLE's Technic module's ANTBIV2 section exemplifies the synergy between advanced technology and practical maritime needs, providing an unparalleled tool in the pursuit of maritime excellence.


Join the myriad of maritime professionals who have already charted a course for success with NOZZLE. Discover the difference in managing your fleet with a partner that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and compliance with the same intensity you do. Choose NOZZLE, where your fleet's potential is unlocked.