Optimize Daily Operations with NOZZLE's Technic Module: Advanced Daily Work Reports


In the fast-paced maritime industry, keeping an accurate and timely record of daily operations is crucial. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software's Technic module introduces the Daily Work Reports section, meticulously crafted to ensure that every detail of daily operations is captured and easily retrievable.


The search functionality of the Daily Work Reports allows for efficient navigation, enabling users to filter results by vessel, department, status, and report date, providing a streamlined process for locating specific reports within a selected timeframe.


The Add/Update Daily Work Report interface serves as a central hub for documenting the intricate details of daily vessel operations. Fields for Vessel, Department, Report Date, Reported By, and Status are mandatory, highlighting NOZZLE's commitment to comprehensive record-keeping. The Work Detail tab allows for a descriptive account of the day's activities, ensuring nothing is left unrecorded.


Further enhancing the module's utility are tabs for Comments, Attachments, and Status Activity Log. These sections allow for additional context, supporting documentation, and tracking of report statuses, offering a thorough overview of daily workflows.


NOZZLE's Daily Work Reports section within the Technic module embodies our dedication to providing ship management professionals with a tool that is both comprehensive and user-friendly.


Prepare to transform your fleet's daily reporting with NOZZLE's Ship Management Software, where meticulous attention to detail and operational efficiency are at the core of our technology. Embrace the NOZZLE way, where every day's work is accounted for with precision and ease.