Navigate Complex Data Seas with Ease: NOZZLE’s Data Bank in the Technic Module


In the vast and ever-evolving seascape of ship management, the core of operational excellence lies in comprehensive data organization and easy retrieval. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software's Technic module offers a centralized Data Bank feature, meticulously designed to support and enhance the data management needs of maritime operations.


The Certificates section within the Data Bank is an essential repository for all your certification needs, with options to add and categorize by Certificate Types and Certificates. This enables seamless tracking and updating of mandatory documents, ensuring compliance and readiness for inspections at all times.


Under the Follow Up category, the system offers the capability to introduce new Main Groups and Subjects, thus allowing you to customize and expand your follow-up activities to match the dynamic nature of your fleet's operations.


The Revision to SMS (Safety Management System) is the backbone of your compliance and safety documentation. With options to add new Manuals, this section serves as a guardian of your vessel's operational integrity, preserving crucial updates in safety protocols and procedural revisions.


For technical operations like Bunker, Oil, & Water Analysis, the Data Bank is equipped with dedicated sections for Liquid Systems, Analysis Results, and Corrective Actions. The meticulous recording of Liquid Types, Results, and Corrective Actions ensures not only compliance with environmental standards but also operational efficiency and fuel management optimization.


The ANTBI (Any New Threats and Benefits Identified) section is the vanguard of proactive risk management, allowing for the addition of various types of new data, from the identification of hazards to the implementation of preventive measures.


NOZZLE’s Data Bank within the Technic module is a testament to our commitment to providing a robust and intuitive tool that supports the intricate data management required in ship management.


Harness the power of data with NOZZLE, where information is not only stored but transformed into actionable insights. Sail into a future where data integrity and ease of access are the cornerstones of your ship management strategy. Welcome to NOZZLE, where your fleet's data is as vast as the ocean but as navigable as calm waters.