Enhance Fleet Maintenance and Safety with NOZZLE's Advanced Follow-Up System


In the intricate world of maritime maintenance and safety, NOZZLE's Ship Management Software is your trusted ally, ensuring that no task goes untracked and no detail is missed. Our Technic module is equipped with a pivotal Follow Up section, designed to provide an overarching view of all maintenance activities and safety checks necessary for the well-being of your fleet.


The Follow Up search bar within NOZZLE's Technic module is a powerful feature, designed to enhance the management of vessel maintenance tasks. With it, you can effortlessly filter through various categories, including Main Groups and Subjects, ensuring that specific follow-ups are readily accessible. This advanced search capability ensures that critical tasks are attended to in a timely manner.


Upon selection of 'Assign Vessels', the platform transitions smoothly to the Assign Follow Up to Vessel(s) interface. This is where precise coordination occurs. You can select Main Groups and Subjects, set Issue Dates, and establish Deadlines with meticulous accuracy. The search function within the Vessel(s) section ensures that the right follow-ups are allocated to the appropriate vessels within your fleet.


Moreover, the Attachments tab simplifies document management by allowing you to upload any relevant files, ensuring that all necessary documentation is associated with the corresponding follow-up task.


NOZZLE's Follow Up section within the Technic module is the embodiment of meticulous maintenance and safety task management. It is a testament to NOZZLE's commitment to providing a software solution that not only meets but anticipates the needs of ship management professionals.


Discover the full spectrum of our software's capabilities, and how it can provide the backbone for your fleet's technical operations.


At NOZZLE, we believe in a future where vessel maintenance is not just about avoiding downtimes but about ensuring every journey is undertaken with the highest assurance of safety and reliability. Let NOZZLE's Technic module be the lighthouse guiding your maintenance and safety protocols.