Ensure Vessel Compliance with Ease: Discover NOZZLE's Advanced Certificate Management System


Navigating the complex waters of vessel certification is critical to ensuring maritime safety and compliance. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software introduces a seamless solution through its Technic module, specifically within the Vessel Certificates section. Here, our cutting-edge platform offers a straightforward yet powerful approach to managing your fleet's certification needs.


The Vessel Certificates search functionality provides a tailored experience, allowing you to filter through certificates by vessel, type, or specific criteria, including outstanding actions with a designated deadline or work list. This feature is not just a search bar; it's your gateway to organized compliance.


Upon selecting the 'Assign Vessels' option, the Vessel Certificate Assign interface becomes your canvas. You're empowered to match specific certificates with vessels effortlessly. With dedicated sections for 'Certificate(s)' and 'Vessel(s)', and the ability to search within each, the process is not just efficient, but precise, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.


With NOZZLE, the certification management process is transformed from a complex chore to an integrated part of your ship management system. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fleet's certification status at a glance, bolstered by the ability to act on this information with just a few clicks.


Explore the Technic module and discover how NOZZLE can enhance the certification management of your fleet.

At NOZZLE, we understand that the sea is ever-changing, and so are the regulations. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your vessels not only meet but exceed the industry standards, with our innovative Ship Management Software. Set sail with NOZZLE, where compliance is just the beginning.